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About Us

Tattoo is inspired by the love of art, tattooing and tradition. It is a collaboration of our best tattoo artists who are talented, experienced, passionate, and who have mastered diverse styles of tattooing. We will be able to design a tattoo for your vision and provide you our best recommendations, honest opinions and ideas. At Rupesh Raghav Tattoo Arts in Karol Bagh, you will find an artist you can trust.

We provide high quality tattoos at affordable prices in Karol Bagh. All piercings include high quality jewelry specific to your individual needs. We only use single use needles on all tattoos and piercings. We are highly respected in tattoo industry and offer completely private rooms, fair pricing and a clean friendly environment. Our aim is to create a memorable experience of tradition and nostalgia while providing a modern, clean environment with the best of tattooing supplies and sterilization equipment.

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